Virtual Red Tent Membership

Enter into the Virtual Red Tent to...

  • Participate in rituals and educational workshops

  • Connect with community and uphold accountability in your menstrual + womb health journey 

  • Learn about health for the womb continuum and circle facilitation from amazing educators 


This is an opportunity to dedicate yourself to your cyclical health, and immerse yourself in the teachings of sacred menstruation and womb embodiment. 


Womb Healing, Menstrual Empowerment, and Circle Facilitation are lifelong journeys, not a destination that we reach.


We're here for continued education, growth, connection, and accountability.

Membership Levels




Entry level for your womb health and period empowerment journey


Monthly Live New Moon Ritual

Monthly Full Moon Guided Practice

Monthly Workshop in Menstrual + Womb Health

Monthly Menstrual Divination PDF Worksheet




Level Up option for facilitators and advanced practitioners


Monthly Live New Moon Ritual

Monthly Full Moon Guided Practice

Monthly Workshop in Menstrual + Womb Health

Monthly Menstrual Divination PDF Worksheet

Content focused on facilitation tools + advanced womb care

Monthly Live Q+A Session

Monthly Guest Speaker Class

What You Will Receive

All members receive access to:

  • Live New Moon Ritual

  • Full Moon Ritual​ Guided Practice

  • Pre-recorded classes exploring menstrual and womb health

  • Virtual Red Tent Portal where you can connect with community, join conversation threads, and more.

  • Monthly journal prompts, embodiment practices, and invitations for deeper self-reflection and integration.


Serpent Level Members receive all listed above PLUS:

  • Content focused on facilitation tools and advanced menstrual health and womb care techniques

    • Live Monthly Q+A

    • Monthly Guest Speaker Class

    • Bonus discussions and masterminds exploring the entire womb-continuum.

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What to Expect

Harness the Power of the Moon with New & Full Moon Rituals​

Each month we will come together, under the New and Full Moon, to cultivate connection within our community. These sessions are not content/information focused. Rather, this is a space for each person to be heard, to be seen, to process, to unravel, to express, to feel. 

Together we will:

  • Support personal alignment with the cycles of the moon.

  • Honor those that have reverently circled under the moon before us. 

  • Be nourished and held by our sisterhood/siblinghood.

  • Partake in sharing, witnessing, and embodiment practices. 

  • SHED what no longer serves you and CLAIM​ what you are birthing and creating. 

All of YOU is welcome to this space!*These circles will not be recorded in order to maintain confidentiality within the container.

Monthly Q+A Sessions

Bring your questions to these monthly virtual circles and receive support that is tailored to your unique needs and experience. Sessions will be held by experts in menstrual and hormonal health, sexual embodiment, facilitation, and more. Facilitators come to Q+As prepared with content related to the session's topic. So even if you don't have a personal question related to the topic, attending is still very informative and valuable.


***Additional discussions, masterminds, and guest speaker classes will be released monthly.

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September Content

Live Rituals:

Monday, September 6th, 4pm PST: 

Virgo New Moon Ritual

Additional Content:

Womb Care in Times of Global Uncertainty with Laura

Monthly Menstrual Divination + Self Study PDF

Full Moon Guided Practice

Rose Membership

Serpent Members have access to Rose Level content, plus:


Live Sessions:

Saturday, September 25th, 12pm PST: Marketing + Organic Growth Q+A with CJ Thomas

Guest Speaker Content:

Organic Tips for Growing Your Circle with CJ Thomas

Serpent Membership

September Guest Speaker: CJ Thomas

C.J. has been working in marketing and copywriting for almost 4 years. Before that, she had her own wellness business called Life by the Moon Yoga where she also had to work organically to grow her following. That experience led her down the path of helping other wellness businesses achieve organic growth. 

You can connect with C.J. here:


Photo credit: Taylor Marie of @milkandpeonies

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Your Facilitator: Laura Carmody


Laura Carmody (she/they) is a menstrual health and empowerment educator, and the founder of Threaded Red. She loves to support people as they cultivate deep and meaningful relationships with their bodies and cycles. Laura trains groups and individuals in Red Tent Facilitation, and brings practical Red Tent bleeding spaces to festivals and gatherings.

Laura's approach to sacred menstruation recognizes the systemic inequities that have lead to period poverty, inaccessibility of menstrual necessities, and global menstrual taboos. She believes that all menstruators deserve to bleed with dignity, with access to menstrual education and care, and with clean water. She is devoted to playing her part in stewarding a world where menstruation is truly respected.

​Previous Classes in the Membership Include: 

Stewarding Practical Bleeding Spaces

Journey to the Wisdom of your Womb Guided Movement Practice

Foundations of Hormone Balance

Herbal Allies for Menstrual Wellness

Holistic Vaginal Wellness

A Holistic Framework for Pregnancy Release

Herbal Allies for Womb Sovereignty

Ovulation + Fertility Signals

Fascia, the Pelvis, and Feminine Consciousness

Menstrual Divination

Elevating People of Color in Spiritual Circles

Blood Offerings + Ritual

Decolonization + Breaking the Binary

A Trans Man's Experience in the Cis-Paradigm

Hormones, Holidays, and Family Time

Nutrition for the Menstrual Cycle

Cycle Syncing

Nutrition for the Menstrual Cycle

Ready to join circle?

Frequently asked questions

How do I join?

Choose one of the membership levels and sign up here:

When is new content released and how long do I have access to it?

New content is released every month on the 1st. You will be able to access the content for 90 days.

Is the membership inclusive to people other than cis-gendered women?

Yes! It is my intention to hold a container that is inclusive to and welcoming of the vast spectrum of gender identity. Most of the content covered in the membership is geared towards menstruating people. I believe that it's vitally important that this information is accessible for all menstruators, not just cis-gendered women. Trans, non-binary, gender fluid + non-conforming people, queer folx, women, and all non-cis-men are welcome to join the space. I encourage you to email me directly if you want to talk more about this and see if this space is the right fit for you.

Are the live sessions recorded?

New Moon Rituals will not be recorded, due to the intimate and personal nature of these circles. All other live sessions, like Q+As, are recorded and availbale to watch for 90 days.

What is the difference between the Rose Membership and the Serpent Membership?

The Rose level membership is for individuals seeking to expand their personal practice around mentrual health, womb empowerment, and self-care. The Serpenet level membership is for people who want to take that information a step further, through group facilitation or individual coaching. The Serpent level offers more in-depth and advanced educational content. Serpent members have access to additional content, including a monthly guest speaker class and a monthly live Q+A session.

Can I upgrade from Rose to Serpent if I change my mind?


Can I share my login information with someone?

Content Privary Policy- All content shared in the Virtual Red Tent Membership in meant to be viewed by the purchaser only and cannot be shared with others. Thank you for respecting this, and helping me to uphold the integrity of the container.

How often I am billed?

You can choose to pay monthly or yearly. There is a discount for paying annually.

Can I cancel at anytime?


What if I don't login for an entire month, can I get a refund?

Refund Policy- While we understand that things happen, all purchases are final sale and refunds are not provided. If you're not sure if this membership will be the right fit for you, sign up for a free 14 day trial. If you're not into it, you can cancel your membership before you are billed.


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