Menstrual Mysticism Series

A 3 week journey into the Arts of Sacred Menstruation

Beginning July 21st, 2020

Each & every bleed, our womb is sharing potent medicine with us. Our menstrual cycle is a direct oracular reading of our physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual bodies. Are you listening to what is being shared?

Menstrual Mysticism is the practice of scrying the signs, symbols, & symptoms of your menstrual cycle, your own personal divination tool. This practice of conscious bleeding allows us to live more fully embodied in our human experience, in harmony with our cycles of menstruation and ovulation.

Gather with women and bleeders from across the globe, to create an online container that honors the sanctity of menstruation. Over our 3 weeks together, we will delve deep into the Blood Mysteries; gaining the body literacy tools to understand our menstrual cycles and symptoms, care for our hormones, and live in feminine over-flow!

Ancient Stories

Since the beginning of time, menstruation has been revered as a sacred time for divination, ceremony, rest, and renewal. Every culture that we have recorded history of has evidence of a menstrual tent/red tent. Bloodtime was believed to be a holy time, where bleeders would receive potent information and teachings to be shared with the collective. The information that menstruators received would then inform the direction of the village. Ancient womb-carriers also knew the mind-altering capabilities of menstruation, and our hormonal cycle's ability to help us access altered states of consciousness.

Modern Reclamation

Modern womb-carriers are once again remembering the phenomenal potential of menstruation to release what no longer serves & access the primal essence of our being. We are returning to our bodies, and remembering the sacredness of our blood and wombs. We are gaining resources, expanding our education, and taking our menstrual health BACK into our own hands! In the Menstrual Mysticism series, we will join for 3 circles over 3 weeks, each circle focusing on a different aspect of Sacred Menstruation: The Blood Priestess Lineage, Menstrual Divination, and Cycle Synching.

Week 1: Blood Priestess Lineage
*Ancient Oracles of the Womb Mysteries
*The Red Tent Tradition

*Menstrual Blood Offerings and Rituals
*The Magdalene Lineage & Blood Priestessing
*The Modern Revisioning of Sacred Menstruation
*Using your Moon Blood as a Magickal Elixir for Global Healing & Manifestation
*Practices for Radical Reclamation of Sacred Menstruation

Week 2: Menstrual Divination
*Reading your menstrual cycle as a divinatory tool
*Scrying the signs of your cycle's symptoms
*Connecting with the altered states of consciousness available thru menstruation
*Why we bleed with the Dark Moon, Full Moon, & anywhere in between
*Why our sometimes our cycles shift, skip a moon, or come twice in one moon cycle
*How your blood's color, consistency, & smell all carry deeper information about your body & being
*How to understand the changes in your cycle and connect the wisdom that his held within these shifts

Week 3: Cycle Synching
*How to Build Your Lifestyle, Business, & Relationships around your Menstrual Cycle
*Body Literacy Tools to De-Mystify the Hormonal Cycle
*The 4 Phases of the Feminine Hormonal Cycle and the distinct changes that they catalyze physically, emotionally, & spiritually
*How to Eat & Exercise best for your Moon Cycle
*How we can tap into the Cycles of Ovulation & Menstruation to show up in Juicy Overflow instead of Drain/Overwhelm

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Dates of Circle:

Tuesday, July 21st

Tuesday, July 28th

Tuesday, August 4th

*10am PST*

**Circle is always recorded & sent out if you can't join live**


Sliding scale $111-$188


3 Full Scholarships are available for BIPOC

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