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Menstrual Mysticism

A 4 week journey into Sacred Menstruation

Beginning October 22nd, 2023

Each and every bleed, our womb is sharing potent medicine with us. Our menstrual cycle is a direct oracular reading of our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Are you listening to what is being shared?

Through Menstrual Mysticism, we bridge the ancient practices of sacred menstruation with applicable body literacy tools focused on menstrual wellness and hormonal balance. Through this integrated and holistic approach to menstruation, we can know ourselves deeper,  live in greater harmony, and cultivate cyclical health.

To bleed in this modern world can sometimes be complicated... The mainstream culture around us paints menstruation with deep shame and stigma. Toxins and hormone disrupters have become a part of our everyday lives. Our bodies are constantly under fire from bleach and fragrances in pads and tampons, to birth controls with serious health implications. We are all under incredible amounts of stress, some obvious and some some subversive.


Due to all of these concerns, it is necessary that we go above and beyond to care for our cycles and fertility! Most of us were not taught in school how to care for our bodies and live in hormonal balance, much less how to offer your blood back to the Earth. We must make it a priority to learn how to care for our cyclical health, stepping into womb sovereignty and refusing to allow unjust systems hold control over our bodies.


We must also learn, remember, and carry the practices of sacred menstruation forward. The practice of giving blood back to the Earth is shared by all lineages globally. Menstruation is one of the most unifying aspects of our humanity, and it is our responsibility to carry a reverence of menstruation forward.

Ancient Stories

Since the beginning of time, menstruation has been revered as a sacred time for divination, ceremony, rest, and renewal. Every culture that we have recorded history of has evidence of a menstrual tent/red tent. Bloodtime was believed to be a holy time, where bleeders would receive potent information and teachings to be shared with the collective. The information that menstruators received would then inform the direction of the village. Ancient womb-carriers also knew the mind-altering capabilities of menstruation, and our hormonal cycle's ability to help us access altered states of consciousness.

Modern Reclamation

Modern womb-carriers are once again remembering the phenomenal potential of menstruation to release what no longer serves and access the primal essence of our being. We are returning to our bodies, and remembering the sacredness of our blood and wombs. We are gaining resources, expanding our education, and taking our menstrual health BACK into our own hands!


In the Menstrual Mysticism series, we will join for 4 circles over 4 weeks, each circle focusing on a different aspect of Sacred Menstruation and Cyclical Health.

Week 1

Red Tent Lineage, New Moon Tradition, + the Blood Mysteries

The Modern Reclamation of Red Tents + Sacred Menstruation

Blood Offering Rituals

Using your Moon Blood as tool for both personal + collective healing

Week 2

Practices for Radical Reclamation of the Blood

Cultivating Your Personal Practice

Bleeding + Altered States of Consciousness

Menstrual Divination


Scrying the signs and using your cycle as a divinatory tool

Week 3

Cyclical Literacy to De-Mystify the Hormonal Cycle

The 4 Phases of the Hormonal Cycle and the distinct changes that they catalyze- physically, mentally, emotionally, + spiritually

Foods, exercise, and practices that can support hormonal balance in each phase

Mirroring the inner-workings of our womb cycles with our outer realities to foster health + overflow

Week 4

Ovulation + Fertility Signals

Why ovulation is important + how to track it

How blood sugar stability, sleep, and gut + adrenal health all impact your hormones

Get a framework for living in hormonal balance, from an intentional lifestyle approach

The Framework

Every Sunday: A new module is unlocked with an educational video and a self-study PDF for integration, processing, + optional homework


Every Thursday: We have a live group call. This is when you can ask questions and get live support. We'll also do some practices and ritual together.

Group Chat: We also have a group chat for sharing experiences, getting to know each other, and holding ourselves accountable!

Image by Jamie Street
Image by Marta Matyszczyk

Dates of Circle:

Thursday, October 26th

Thursday, November 2nd

Thursday, November 9th

Thursday, November 16th

*11am PST*

**Circle is always recorded if you can't join live**

Dates Modules are Unlocked:

October 22nd

October 29th

November 5th

November 12th

Last Day to Register:

October 29th

Registration is Open!


$300 until October 22nd

$400 thereafter

First 5 people to register get a free 60 minute

1:1 session with Laura


3 Full Scholarships are available for BIPOC

To fill out an application: CLICK HERE.

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Your Facilitator: Laura Foxglove


Laura Foxglove (Carmody) is a menstrual health and empowerment educator, and the founder of Threaded Red. She loves to support people as they cultivate deep and meaningful relationships with their bodies and cycles. Laura trains groups and individuals in Red Tent Facilitation, and brings practical Red Tent bleeding spaces to festivals and gatherings.

Laura's approach to sacred menstruation recognizes the systemic inequities that have lead to period poverty, inaccessibility of menstrual necessities, and global menstrual taboos. She believes that all menstruators deserve to bleed with dignity, with access to menstrual education and care, and with clean water. She is devoted to playing her part in stewarding a world where menstruation is truly respected.

  • How do I register and access the content?
    We use a course-hosting platform called Podia. Podia is our online classroom where you will access all course content and join our live calls. The first module becomes available on September 26th. The final module is released on December 12th. Register here:
  • What are the dates of the live group calls?
    Our live group calls will always be on Thursdays. We will poll the group at the beginning of the training to find a time that works for as many people as possible. The calls will be held on the following dates: September 30; October 14 + 28; November 18, and December 2 + 16.
  • What is the time committment?
    You can expect to spend 1-3 hours per week going thru each module. This includes watching educational content, and doing your own self-study/personal practices. Twice a month we have group calls, which last about 1.5 hours.
  • How long can I access the course content?
    All of the content is available to you on Podia for at least 1 year after the training ends.
  • Is the training inclusive to people other than cis-gendered women?
    Yes! I aim to hold a container that is inclusive to and welcoming of the vast spectrum of gender identification (and non-identification) and sexuality. Much of the content covered is focused on menstruation, and I believe that it is vitally important that this information is available to all menstruaters, not just cis-gendered women. (Really, it's important for non-menstruaters to access this information as well!) Trans, non-binary, gender-nonconforming, queer, womxn, and all non-cis-men people are welcome to join the training. I encourage you to email me directly if you want to talk more about this and see if the training is the right fit for you:
  • How does the certification work?
    Everyone in the course has the option to receive certification. In order to be certified you must: 1. Turn in all of your homework to be reviewed 2. Read at least 2 book on the reccomended book list and write a 1 page reflection and review on each book 3. Hold at least 3 New Moon Circles and write case studies on each circle 4. White folx: Show proof of your training and plan for continued education in anti-racism and decolonization 5. Pay a flat fee of $150 for certification.
  • Are there scholarships?
    Yes, there are 3 full tuition scholarships and 3 partial scholarships available for BIPOC. The full scholarship offers the training tuition-free. The partial scholarship offers the full training for $444. Scholarships are awarded on September 25th. Scholarship recipients must pay the additional flat fee of $150 for certification, however this is optional. Apply for a scholarship here:
  • Is there a discount if I have already done a training with you?
    Yes! If you previously went thru the online 1:1 Red Tent Training with me, I can offer you a discount for tuition. There will not be discounts given for those who have attended group trainings in person. Please email me if you'd like to discuss this more:
  • Do you give refunds?
    No. Due to the nature of the course, no refunds will be given. Thank you for understanding.
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