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Traveling Red Tent

Welcome to the Red Tent- an intentionally curated, interactive installation that migrates to festivals, gatherings, events, and communities to provide a sanctuary for all things womb and menstruation.

The Red Tent is a comforting, nourishing, and targeted workshop space that focalizes the experience of the womb continuum. The installation can be integrated into your event in a number of capacities and will be adapted to meet the needs of your community. 


Our Story

I’m Laura, a menstrual health educator with a passion for all things menstruation, and the lead of our traveling Red Tent. In the summer of 2016, I began traveling to festivals across the country with my Red Tent installation. At the time, the Red Tent was a 10ftx10ft pop up canopy. We held workshops and ceremonies exploring menstruation, womb care, gender, and more. Although small, the Red Tent was a beautiful place for people to relax and recharge, especially people who were bleeding or premenstrual. It was impactful and meaningful for all people who entered it. 

Over the years, the Red Tent grew. In 2018 Peter Belt of Red Sky Shelters donated the beautiful Red Tent structure that we use today, in order to support our vision and help bring the Red Tent to more festivals and gatherings. We now had a larger space to grow into, allowing us to expand our team and what we are able to offer to the communities that we serve.

The Red Tent is now available to be rented out for festivals, gatherings, retreats, private events, and more. It is a fully curated and facilitated space that adds depth, intention, and education to any event that it is included in. The Red Tent is a place for all people to explore the womb experience and what it means to bleed.

Photo taken by Yoni Rivers Moon at Spirit Weavers Gathering

Inside the Red Tent

The Red Tent is an interactive temple and education space, and we also provide a practical bleeding area. The tent is cozy and inviting, with many cushions, pillows, and comfortable places to rest and recharge. There are altars to connect with and an educational space with resources exploring menstruation, hormone health, and full-spectrum womb care. It is large enough to host many people for a circle or workshop. 

In the private bleeding space, we offer a safe, beautiful, and hygienic place for people to wash their hands, change their menstrual products, and connect with their bodies and cycles. There is a hand-hammered sink with a removable shower head and running water. We have washcloths, toilet paper, compostable wipes, menstrual care products, and anything you might need to care for yourself with bleeding. We stock the space with herbal remedies for premenstrual and menstrual symptoms, as well as self-care items to spruce yourself up a bit while you enjoy the space and care for your body.

Photo by Melissa Robin Photography


Why is a Red Tent needed at events?

Have you ever tried to change a menstrual cup while inside a port-a-potty? It’s not an exciting endeavor to undertake. Depending on the resources that events have set up, people may or may not be able to care for their bodies and menstrual cycles in a hygienic and empowering way. 

Having a Red Tent at a festival is a signifier of care and reverence for the womb and menstruation. It provides an important and necessary service to all people who are attending the event while menstruating. It also offers an incredible opportunity for education while simultaneously providing a calm, nourishing, and beautiful space for people to relax while at your event. The Red Tent adds a beautiful and unique environment for event-goers to interact within, while encouraging health and wellbeing..

Photo by Melissa Robin Photography


The Red Tent is a gorgeous 500 square foot circus tent that is curated to create a peaceful, calming, and restorative environment. All who enter have the opportunity to unplug from the fast-paced nature of the event, connect with themselves, and take a moment to integrate and practice self-care.


The Red Tent offers a space for all people, those who menstruate and not, to learn about cyclical health. Whether perusing the educational resources or attending an in-depth workshop, this is an opportunity for people to learn the valuable skills of body literacy. This adds and layer of enriching empowerment to event-goers experience.


Menstrual equity is a movement that aims to get all people proper access to menstrual education and resources. The Red Tent helps to do just this. We aim to create a space that is loving and inclusive, regardless of gender. We offer free (organic) menstrual health products and we provide menstrual education for ALL people.


No one should have to sacrifice their health and hygiene because they are menstruating while at a festival or event. The Red Tent offers a practical bleeding space so that people can care for their bodies in a beautiful, clean, and inspiring setting. We have running water and soap for hand washing, trash receptacles, and free menstrual care products available. 


Having a Red Tent at your event is a simple, yet impactful way to respect the people who are menstruating while attending the event. It gives them a place to slow down, connect with themselves, and recharge. It enhances the experience of anyone who enters it while bleeding. The most common response when entering the space... "I am so glad there is a Red Tent here."

Red velvet as abstract background..jpg


“One of the best experiences at a festival EVER! I felt held, seen, and supported." -Emma

"It was a haven to go to when I felt over-stimulated and needed safe feminine energy to be with." -Zuri

"It was suuuuuch a blessing to have a sacred space to come to when I started bleeding...Was a highlight of the festival for me." -Gabrielle

What Types of Events Need a Red Tent?

  • Music festivals, or any type of festival

  • Gatherings, including skill-shares/women's gatherings/etc.

  • Private events and retreats

  • Community events, including day-long events

Really, any event in which menstruating people are present can benefit from having a Red Tent! It enriches the experience of all who enter it, and creates more depth, health, safety, and intentional nourishment at your gathering.


Photo by Yoni Rivers Moon at Spirit Weavers Gathering, snuggling and keeping warm in the Red Tent!

Image by Jamie Street


The Red Tent is a curated space that we bring to your festival, retreat, or event. We provide the structure and everything that goes inside it, as well as facilitation of the space throughout the event. Support that we require from you, financially and otherwise, is determined on a case-by-case basis, based on your needs and how we can best serve your community. 

We are currently booking events for the 2023 season. Please email Laura for more details:

Red velvet as abstract background..jpg

Book the Red Tent

Ready to learn more about the Red Tent? Curious if we're available on your event dates? Reach out to us and we'll get back to you as soon as we're able. 

Thanks for reaching out! We will be in touch with you soon!

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